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Blood glucose measurement
Free / 10 min
Regular blood sugar testing is one of the pillars of a rigorous follow-up of diabetes. The Pharmacie Faust pharmacists are at your disposal to measure the sugar level in your blood.
Measurement of blood pressure
Free / 15-20 min
Blood pressure measurement is a free service in our pharmacy. The pharmacists of the Faust Pharmacy are at your disposal to measure your blood pressure in order to detect high blood pressure in time or to evaluate the effectiveness of your treatment.
Streptococcus screening
27 CHF / 15-20 min
Faust Pharmacy performs the Streptococcus Rapid Test. This allows us to check whether or not the bacteria is present in your body. If the test result is positive, the pharmacist will advise you on the right antibiotic for you. This way, the antibiotics will be used wisely and your convalescence period will be reduced.
COVID-19 screening (+GRIPPE)
Antigenic (rapid)/Free/ 15 - 20 min
PCR/140 CHF/24 h
We offer COVID screening tests (rapid antigenic tests and/or PCR tests). Please make an appointment online before coming to the pharmacy.
Flu vaccination

26.75 CHF / 15 min

Get vaccinated directly with us, quickly and easily.

The pharmacists at the Faust Pharmacy are trained to vaccinate you. They will talk to you beforehand in a confidential area in order to give you the appropriate information and advice.

Ear piercing
40 CHF (earrings included)/ 15-20 min
Your Pharmacist at Faust Pharmacy pierces your ears in a perfectly hygienic and painless environment.
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